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⚠️️ Attention: This library is currently not maintained. Please use the gazr fork instead. ⚠️️

Attention Tracker

Face tracking for head pose estimation

Head pose estimation

This library (
) performs 3D head pose estimation based on the fantastic dlib face detector and a bit of OpenCV's solvePnP magic (it uses adult male anthropometric data to match a real 3D head to the projected image).

The library returns a 4x4 transformation matrix.

It supports detection and tracking of multiple faces at the same time, and runs on-line, but it does not feature face identification.


Note: The library has only been tested on Linux. We can only provide limited support for other operating systems!


Dlib: You need to download and extract

somewhere. This application has been tested with

OpenCV: You need to install OpenCV. If you're using Ubuntu, you could run:

sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev


The library uses a standard

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake -DDLIB_PATH= ..
$ make

Note that the first time you compile the project,

will compile as well. It takes a few minutes. This won't happen the next times.

To test the library, run:

./head_pose_test ../share/shape_predictor_68_face_landmarks.dat

You should get something very similar to the picture above.

Finally, to install the library:

$ make install

ROS support

The ROS wrapper provides a convenient node that exposes each detected face as a TF frame.

Enable the compilation of the ROS wrapper with:


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