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Tinker is an open-source tool to help people collaborate on code. It can also be found at

Installing Tinker

Tinker requires:

  • Ruby 1.9+ && gem
  • Node.js && npm
$ git clone ~/projects/tinker
$ cd ~/projects/tinker
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ gem install bundler
$ bundler install
$ mysql -u user -p tinker < schema.sql
$ cp config-sample.yml config.yml

At this point, you'll want to crank open your editor of choice and modify

. A sample config could look something like this:
  client: 'http://localhost:9393/'
  sandbox: 'http://localhost:9394/'

db: 'mysql2://user:[email protected]/tinker' ga_code: 'UA-29044087-1'

Running locally with thin

Tinker is written with Sinatra, which is written on top of Rack, so any kind of Rack-compatible server should work.

Locally, I run Tinker on Thin, so that's what I'll be using in this example.

$ thin -p 9393 -e development -P tmp/pids/ -d -D start
$ thin -p 9394 -e development -P tmp/pids/ -d -D start

The client interface can now be found at

and the sandbox at

Compiling the css

$ npm install -g less
$ cd ~/projects/tinker/
$ lessc ./src/less/client.less > ./public/tinker.client.css
$ lessc ./src/less/embed.css > ./public/tinker.embed.css

Compiling the javascript

$ npm install -g wrapup
$ cd ~/projects/tinker/
$ wrup -r ./src/js/client.js --output ./public/tinker.client.js
$ wrup -r ./src/js/embed.js --output ./public/tinker.embed.js


Copyright (c) 2011 Chiel Kunkels

Tinker is licensed under the MIT license.

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