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TLE is a Discord bot centered around Competitive Programming.


The features of the bot are split into a number of cogs, each handling their own set of commands.

Codeforces cogs

  • Codeforces Commands that can recommend problems or contests to users, taking their rating into account.
  • Contests Shows details of upcoming/running contests.
  • Graphs Plots various data gathered from Codeforces, e.g. rating distributions and user problem statistics.
  • Handles Gets or sets information about a specific user's Codeforces handle, or shows a list of Codeforces handles.

CSES cog

  • CSES Commands related to the CSES problemset, such as showing leaderboards.

Other cogs

  • Starboard Commands related to the starboard, which adds messages to a specific channel when enough users react with a ⭐️.
  • CacheControl Commands related to data caching.


If you want to run the bot inside a docker container follow these instructions

Clone the repository

git clone


Now all dependencies need to be installed. TLE uses Poetry to manage its python dependencies. After installing Poetry navigate to the root of the repo and run

poetry install

:warning: TLE requires Python 3.7 or later!

If you are using Ubuntu with older versions of python, then do the following:

apt-get install python3.7-venv libpython3.7-dev
python3.7 -m pip install poetry
python3.7 -m poetry install

Library dependencies

TLE also depends on cairo and pango for graphics and text rendering, which you need to install. For Ubuntu, the relevant packages can be installed with:

apt-get install libcairo2-dev libgirepository1.0-dev libpango1.0-dev pkg-config python3-dev gir1.2-pango-1.0

Additionally TLE uses pillow for graphics, which requires the following packages:

apt-get install libjpeg-dev zlib1g-dev

Final steps

You will need to setup a bot on your server before continuing, follow the directions here. Following this, you should have your bot appearing in your server and you should have the Discord bot token. Finally, go to the

settings in your App's Developer Portal (in the same page where you copied your Bot Token) and enable the
Server Members Intent

Create a new file

cp environment.template environment

Fill in appropriate variables in new "environment" file.

Environment Variables

  • BOT_TOKEN: the Discord Bot Token for your bot.
  • LOGGINGCOGCHANNEL_ID: the Discord Channel ID of a Discord Channel where you want error messages sent to.
  • ALLOWDUELSELF_REGISTER: boolean value indicating if self registration for duels is enabled.

To start TLE just run:



  • In order to run admin-only commands, you need to have the
    role, which needs to be created in your Discord server and assign it to yourself/other administrators.
  • In order to prevent the bot suggesting an author's problems to the author, a python file needs to be run (since this can not be done through the Codeforces API) which will save the authors for specific contests to a file. To do this run
    python extra/
    which will generate a JSON file that should be placed in the
  • In order to display CJK (East Asian) characters for usernames, we need appropriate fonts. Their size is ~36MB, so we don't keep in the repo itself and it is gitignored. They will be downloaded automatically when the bot is run if not already present.
  • One of the bot's features is to assign roles to users based on their rating on Codeforces. In order for this functionality to work properly, the following roles need to exist in your Discord server
    • Newbie
    • Pupil
    • Specialist
    • Expert
    • Candidate Master
    • Master
    • International Master
    • Grandmaster
    • International Grandmaster
    • Legendary Grandmaster


In order to run bot commands you can either ping the bot at the beginning of the command or prefix the command with a semicolon (;), e.g.

;handle pretty

In order to find available commands, you can run

which will bring a list of commands/groups of commands which are available. To get more details about a specific command you can type


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Before submitting your PR, consider running some code formatter on the lines you touched or added. This will help reduce the time spent on fixing small styling issues in code review. Good options are yapf or autopep8 which likely can be integrated into your favorite editor.

Please refrain from formatting the whole file if you just change some small part of it. If you feel the need to tidy up some particularly egregious code, then do that in a separate PR.



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