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Advanced Java Folding

JetBrains team project Plugin version

Modern JVM languages such as Kotlin, Groovy, Scala and some others offer many language features that let you write code in a more concise and expressive manner. These features include type inference, properties, interpolated string, range and tuple literals, enhanced operators, clojures, implicits, smart casts and any more.

This plugin extends the IDE’s folding features to emulate some of these modern languages’ features helping fight verbosity.

For more information, read the blog post.

Experimental Features

To get access to experimental features, go to Settings | Plugins | Browse Repositories | Manage Repositories and add as a custom plugin repository URL.

Custom Color Scheme

For more clarity, you may try to adjust your color scheme: go to Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General, select Folded text, uncheck the Background color, and change the Foreground color to #000091 for the default scheme and #7CA0BB for Darcula.

Disabling Certain Foldings

To disable certain types of folding, go to Settings | Editor | General | Code Folding.

Sending Feedback

For feedback, feature requests and bug reports, use the issue tracker.

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