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Python Compiler Infrastructure

The Pytsi -initiative's goal is to provide a C compiler that is easy to set up, understand and maintain.

So far it parses trigraphs, tokenizes and preprocesses. It also has a cool probe that can be imported:

~/pytci$ python /opt/gcw0-toolchain/usr/bin/mipsel-gcw0-linux-uclibc-gcc
    "includes": [
    "interpreter": "/lib/", 
    "local_includes": [], 
    "search_paths": [

I programmed Pytci to run on Python 2.7.10 because PEP 0492 is one big clusterfuck. The effort to complicate python compiler should be directed towards standardizing greenlets instead.

Attempt was being made to get Pytci preprocess like existing compilers.

Early benchmark

I compared macroexpansion of

gcc -E
. on
. Pytci preprocesses it only 25 times slower than


For a bulltest, I preprocessed a header with Pytci and compiled a "hello world" program against it. Lack of errors and messages proposes that there were mostly non-errorneous behavior.


MIT allows full interoperability and code sharing with other really interesting projects.

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