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Compare audio files for similarity

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Compares two audio files or directories of audio files to gauge their similarity. A file that is likely to have been derived from another is flagged as a match.

To run the program, type one of: * ./audiocompare -f file1 -f file2 * ./audiocompare -f file1 -d dir1 * ./audiocompare -d dir1 -f file1 * ./audiocompare -d dir1 -d dir2

Arguments following a "-f" argument must be a filename, and arguments following a "-d" argument must be a directory containing only audio files. Input files must be WAVE or MP3 files. You may list the same file or directory twice.

If errors are found, appropriate error messages will be printed, and the program may continue if it can. Match results will be printed as "NO MATCH" if two non-matching files were compared, and "MATCH ..." if two matching files were compared, listing the two files that matched, and giving the match score.

This program is intended to run on Linux. Compatibility with OS X or Windows would not be difficult, but has not been attempted yet.


  • Python 2.7
  • NumPy


The program was written as the semester project for CS 4500, Fall 2013, with Professor William Clinger at Northeastern University.

The team members were: * An Dang (@dangan249) * Cory Finger (@fingerco) * Zheng Hui Er (@zh-er) * Charles Connell (@charlesconnell)

Third-Party Software Acknowledgements

There are about 15 lines of code in that are a modified version of code inside matplotlib. The file LICENSE.matplotlib license found in this directory is the matplotlib license, included as required when creating derivative works. More information can be found in


Tests in the test directory depend on files that aren't in this source tree, so don't expect them to pass for you. The files are not included because many are copyrighted, and they are too big to reasonably store in Git.

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