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Android - Blur Navigation Drawer like Etsy app.

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Blur Navigation Drawer Library[DEPRECATED]

Android Arsenal

Blur Navigation Drawer like Etsy app.


You can download a demo here.


  • Version 1.1
    • Add support for v7 Android Support Library.

How to Use

Declare your layout ```xml <!-- If you don't use v7 support library include this:


mDrawerToggle = new BlurActionBarDrawerToggle(
  getActivity(),                    /* host Activity */
  mDrawerLayout,                    /* DrawerLayout object */
  R.drawable.ic_drawer,             /* nav drawer image to replace 'Up' caret */
  R.string.navigation_drawer_open,  /* "open drawer" description for accessibility */
  R.string.navigation_drawer_close  /* "close drawer" description for accessibility */
and set your radius or your down scale factor

and enjoy your blur effect!


Feel free to fork it and pull request if you want to fix a bug ! ;)

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