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🖍 Terminal string styling done right

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Terminal string styling done right

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$ npm install chalk


const chalk = require('chalk');

console.log('Hello world!'));

Chalk comes with an easy to use composable API where you just chain and nest the styles you want.

const chalk = require('chalk');
const log = console.log;

// Combine styled and normal strings log('Hello') + ' World' +'!'));

// Compose multiple styles using the chainable API log('Hello world!'));

// Pass in multiple arguments log('Hello', 'World!', 'Foo', 'bar', 'biz', 'baz'));

// Nest styles log('Hello', chalk.underline.bgBlue('world') + '!'));

// Nest styles of the same type even (color, underline, background) log( 'I am a green line ' +'with a blue substring') + ' that becomes green again!' ));

// ES2015 template literal log(CPU: ${'90%')} RAM: ${'40%')} DISK: ${chalk.yellow('70%')});

// ES2015 tagged template literal log(chalkCPU: {red ${cpu.totalPercent}%} RAM: {green ${ram.used / * 100}%} DISK: {rgb(255,131,0) ${disk.used / * 100}%});

// Use RGB colors in terminal emulators that support it. log(chalk.keyword('orange')('Yay for orange colored text!')); log(chalk.rgb(123, 45, 67).underline('Underlined reddish color')); log(chalk.hex('#DEADED').bold('Bold gray!'));

Easily define your own themes:

const chalk = require('chalk');

const error =; const warning = chalk.keyword('orange');

console.log(error('Error!')); console.log(warning('Warning!'));

Take advantage of console.log string substitution:

const name = 'Sindre';
console.log('Hello %s'), name);
//=> 'Hello Sindre'



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