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XBMC add-on for Philips Hue lights with ambilight support

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An XBMC add-on that controls Philips Hue lights. In "Theatre mode" the add-on dims the the Philips Hue lights as soon as a movie starts playing, and turns the lights back on once the movie is done. "Ambilight mode" turns your Philips Hue lights in a room-sized ambilight

No longer maintained

This project is no longer maintained. Feel free to fork away and have fun!

You might be interested in these forks that are still being developed:


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The add-on depends on the XBMC add-on "requests" for the ambilight mode.

XBMC add-on script.module.requests

  • Download the add-on as a ZIP file from
    • (Right click on the "ZIP" icon and select "Download Linked File").
  • Open XBMC
  • Go to
    System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file
  • Select the zip file.

XBMC add-on script.xbmc.hue.ambilight

  • Download the add-on as a ZIP file from the top of this page
    • (Right click on the "ZIP" icon and select "Download Linked File")
  • Open XBMC
  • Go to
    System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file
  • Restart XBMC and configure the add-on:
    • System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Enabled add-ons -> Services -> XBMC Philips Hue
    • Run
      Start auto discovery of bridge IP and User

Note for Raspberry Pi users:

  • Save the add-on configuration by exiting XBMC before shutting down the Pi completely
  • Ambilight mode doesn't work on a Raspberry Pi due to the way it renders video

Release history

  • 2014-01-12 v 0.6.2 Minor improvements
  • 2013-07-13 v 0.6.0 General improvements all around (by robwalch)
  • 2013-05-25 v 0.5.0 Debug logging, livingwhite lights
  • 2013-05-04 v 0.4.0 Advanced settings
  • 2013-04-25 v 0.3.6 Custom dimmed brightness in theatre mode
  • 2013-04-02 v 0.3.4 Ambilight is more responsive
  • 2013-04-01 v 0.3.3 Rename to script.xbmc.hue.ambilight
  • 2013-02-25 v 0.3.1 Improved handling for grouped lights
  • 2013-01-27 v 0.1.0 Initial release

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