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Your superpowered WordPress server in three commands.

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DebOps for WordPress

DebOps for WordPress

"DebOps for WordPress" is a tool that gives anyone in the WordPress community access to a fast and secure WordPress server. It's meant to be easy to use and require little to no system administrator knowledge.

It takes care of everything for you. It does more than just install WordPress for you. It also takes care of all server configuration and maintenance tasks.

All that you need to do is type in three commands (after installation) and wait for the magic to happen.


Please refer to the wiki for full documentation, examples and other information.


If you've never used DebOps or Ansible before, please refer to the "Installation" page of the wiki.

To create a "DebOps for WordPress" project, you just need to:

  1. Get a copy of this repo to your computer.
  2. Make sure that DebOps is up to date by running


If you've never used DebOps or Ansible before, please refer to the "Configuring your server" page of the wiki.

To configure a server, you need to add it to the

file in the
folder under both the
# inventory/hosts



Once that's done, you just need to run three commands. Each of them can take several minutes to run.

$ debops bootstrap -u root
$ debops
$ debops wordpress


DebOps is the real cornerstone of this project. This project wouldn't exists without the amazing work done by Maciej Delmanowski.

A lot of the initial inspiration for the roles came from WPEngine's Mecury project and the port done by Zach Adams.

The default Varnish configuration work by Mattias Geniar was critical to get a solid foundation for Varnish in WordPress.

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