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byt3bl33d3r / CrackMapExec

A swiss army knife for pentesting networks

4.1K Stars 994 Forks Last release: about 1 month ago (v5.1.1dev) BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License 615 Commits 25 Releases

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Porchetta Industries


(These are the people who did the hard stuff)

This project was originally inspired by: - smbmap - CredCrack - smbexec

Unintentional contributors:

  • The Empire project
  • @T-S-A's smbspider script
  • @ConsciousHacker's partial Python port of Invoke-obfuscation from the GreatSCT project

This repository contains the following repositories as submodules: - Impacket - Pypsrp - Pywerview - PowerSploit - Invoke-Obfuscation - Invoke-Vnc - Mimikittenz - NetRipper - RandomPS-Scripts - SessionGopher - Mimipenguin - RID-Hijacking

Documentation, Tutorials, Examples

See the project's wiki for documentation and usage examples


Please see the installation wiki page here or the GitBook

To do

  • ~~0wn everything~~

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