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React Native Pili 2.0

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Pili Streaming Cloud React Native SDK



This lib dependency PLMediaStreamingKit (2.1.1) and PLPlayerKit (2.2.4) , the latest native sdk break origin API, i will match the latest version be free..

可能第一个在 React Native 上实现全功能的直播 SDK 了,底层基于 Pili-SDK,把 iOS 和 Android 的 API 尽量统一。

2.0 版本为了更容易集成第三方 SDK ,对原有的 React Native 项目进行了改造,iOS 的依赖采用了 Cocoapod 进行管理,当然你也可以采用原来的方式,毕竟是可以共存的。具体可以参考 AirApps 可以查看如何进行集成。项目的简单的例子是 react-native-pili

This may be the first React Native to achieve full-featured live SDK, the bottom based on Pili-SDK, the iOS and Android API as unified as possible.

2.0 version In order to more easily integrate third-party SDK, the original React Native project has been modified, iOS rely on the use of Cocoapod management, of course, you can also use the original way, after all, can coexist. Specifically, you can see how to integrate with AirApps ( A simple example of a project is react-native-pili


git clone YourProjectName

cd YourProjectName/js && npm install

cd ../ios && pod install


cd YourProjectName/js
npm start


  1. Open ios/YourProjectName.xcworkspace (这里请注意是打开 .xcworkspace!请确认) (Please note that it opens .xcworkspace! Confirm it does)
  2. Just run your project (Cmd+R)
  3. 如果是 iOS 10 需要在 info 中额外添加如下权限: (If it is iOS 10 you need to add the following additional auth in info:) ``` NSCameraUsageDescription


    microphoneDesciption ```
    ref: iOS 10


  1. Open android use Android Studio
  2. Just run your project


  • [x] Android Player
  • [x] Android Streaming
  • [x] iOS Player
  • [x] iOS Streaming
  • [ ] 美颜和水印支持 (Design and watermark support)


1. 推流 (Streaming)

{}} //onReady event
    onConnecting={()=>{}} //onConnecting event
    onStreaming={()=>{}} //onStreaming event
    onShutdown={()=>{}} //onShutdown event
    onIOError={()=>{}} //onIOError event
    onDisconnected={()=>{}} //onDisconnected event

2. 直播播放 (Live player)

{}} //loading from remote or local
    onPaused={()=>{}} //pause event
    onShutdown={()=>{}} //stopped event
    onError={()=>{}} //error event
    onPlaying={()=>{}} //play event

Release Note


  • [x] Android Player
  • [x] Android Streaming
  • [x] iOS Player
  • [x] iOS Streaming

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