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Various JavaScript lessons and code snippets.

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Course Outlines

Note: This repo is just for me to keep track of all my lessons on YouTube, you can ignore this.

Basic Concepts

Miscellaneous concepts and topics that I haven't covered, but don't really fit in to any other course.

  • callbacks
  • closures
  • equality
  • objects
  • promise
  • prototypes

Data Structures

A data structure is a particular way of organizing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently. Course will cover existing JavaScript data structures such as arrays, sets, and maps. Topics also include how to implement other common data structures/algorithms such as stacks, linked lists, trees, graphs, etc...

  • arrays
    • joining multiple arrays
    • iterator functions
    • es6 array features
    • sorting
    • searching
    • displaying as string
  • stacks
  • queue
  • priority queue
  • linked list
  • sets
  • dictionaries
  • hash tables
  • map
  • weakmap & weakset
  • trees
  • graphs
  • sorting algorithms
  • searching algorithms
  • recursion
  • greedy algorithms
  • big o / algorithm complexity

ES6 Features

Watch Video Tutorials

Overview of all the new features, syntax, and changes in ES6.

  • let
  • arrow functions
  • template literals
  • spread operator
  • classes
  • inheritance
  • generators

Using ES6

To enable ES6 support in any JetBrains IDE (such as WebStorm): - File > Settings > Languages & Frameworks > JavaScript - Select EMCAScript 6


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