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Bucardo multimaster and master/slave Postgres replication

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Bucardo - a table-based replication system


This is version 5.6.0 of Bucardo.


Copyright (c) 2005-2021 Greg Sabino Mullane 


build, test, and install Perl 5                (at least 5.8.3)
build, test, and install PostgreSQL            (at least 8.2)
build, test, and install the DBI module        (at least 1.51)
build, test, and install the DBD::Pg module    (at least 2.0.0)
build, test, and install the DBIx::Safe module (at least 1.2.4)

You must have at least one database that has PL/pgSQL and PL/Perl installed. Target databases may need PL/pgSQL.


To install this module type the following:

perl Makefile.PL make make test (but see below first) make install


See the test suite in the t/ subdirectory for some examples.


Please visit for complete documentation.


To follow or participate in the development of Bucardo, use:

git clone [email protected]:bucardo/bucardo.git


For general questions and troubleshooting, please use the [email protected] mailing list. GitHub issues which are support-oriented will be closed and referred to the mailing list anyway, so help save time for everyone by posting there directly.

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