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Facebook Post Scraper 🕵️🖱️

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Facebook Scraper Selenium

Scrape Facebook Public Posts without using Facebook API

What It can Do

  • Scrape Public Post Text
    • Raw Text
    • Picture
    • Link
  • Scrape Likes and Top 3 React Numbers
  • Scrape Public Post Comments
    • Links in Comments
    • Pictures in Comments

Install Requirements

Please make sure chrome is installed and

is placed in the same directory as the file

Find out which version of

you need to download in this link Chrome Web Driver.

Place your Facebook login in info into


Optional: To download all videos from a specific page, make sure that youtube-dl binary is downloaded locally.

pip install -r requirements.txt


1. Use to print to screen or to file

usage: [-h] -page PAGE -len LEN [-infinite INFINITE] [-usage USAGE]
                  [-comments COMMENTS]

Facebook Page Scraper

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit

required arguments: -page PAGE, -p PAGE The Facebook Public Page you want to scrape -len LEN, -l LEN Number of Posts you want to scrape

optional arguments: -infinite INFINITE, -i INFINITE Scroll until the end of the page (1 = infinite) (Default is 0) -usage USAGE, -u USAGE What to do with the data: Print on Screen (PS), Write to Text File (WT) (Default is WT) -comments COMMENTS, -c COMMENTS Scrape ALL Comments of Posts (y/n) (Default is n). When enabled for pages where there are a lot of comments it can take a while

2. Use
to grab list of posts for additional parsing

from scraper import extract

list = extract(page, len, etc..)

do what you want with the list

Return value of

{'Post': 'Text text text text text....',
 'Link' : '',
 'Image' : '',
 'Comments': {
        'name1' : {
            'text' : 'Text text...',
            'link' : '',
            'image': ''
        'name2' : {
 'Reaction' : { # Reaction only contains the top3 reactions
        'LIKE' : int(number_of_likes),
        'HAHA' : int(number_of_haha),
        'WOW'  : int(number_of_wow)

3. Use
to download all videos from a specific Facebook page

Example: --chromedriver chromedriver.exe --youtube_dl youtube-dl.exe --fbpage[GROUP_ID]/ --numofposts 100


  • Please use this code for Educational purposes only
  • Will continue to add additional features and data
    • ~comment chains scraping~
    • comment reaction scraping
    • different comment display (Most Relevant, New, etc)

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