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Leaflet.Control.FullScreen for Leaflet

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What ?

Simple plugin for Leaflet that adds fullscreen button to your maps.

Inspired by

Use the native javascript fullscreen API with help of

Released under the MIT License

How ?

Include Control.FullScreen.js and Control.FullScreen.css in your page:


Add the fullscreen control to the map:

var map = new L.Map('map', {
  fullscreenControl: true,
  fullscreenControlOptions: {
    position: 'topleft'

If your map has a zoomControl the fullscreen button will be added at the bottom of this one.

If your map doesn't have a zoomControl the fullscreen button will be added to topleft corner of the map (same as the zoomControl).

If you want to use the plugin on a map embedded in an iframe, don't forget to set

attribute on your iframe.

Events and options:

// create a fullscreen button and add it to the map
  position: 'topleft', // change the position of the button can be topleft, topright, bottomright or bottomleft, default topleft
  title: 'Show me the fullscreen !', // change the title of the button, default Full Screen
  titleCancel: 'Exit fullscreen mode', // change the title of the button when fullscreen is on, default Exit Full Screen
  content: null, // change the content of the button, can be HTML, default null
  forceSeparateButton: true, // force separate button to detach from zoom buttons, default false
  forcePseudoFullscreen: true, // force use of pseudo full screen even if full screen API is available, default false
  fullscreenElement: false // Dom element to render in full screen, false by default, fallback to map._container

// events are fired when entering or exiting fullscreen. map.on('enterFullscreen', function(){ console.log('entered fullscreen'); });

map.on('exitFullscreen', function(){ console.log('exited fullscreen'); });

// you can also toggle fullscreen from map object map.toggleFullScreen();

Where ?

Source code :

Downloads :

Demo :

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