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Misc. JS utilities that may be of broader interest

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Misc. JS modules that may be of broader interest. Each module is independent of the others, and often free from dependencies on other modules. License is typically ISC, but see the respective

files for detailed info.

| module | description | | --- | --- | | @broofa/asyncconcat | Async method to concatenate a stream into a buffer | | @broofa/asyncproxy | A simple, intuitive solution for converting node-style APIs to Promises. | | @broofa/fnv1a | A robust, tiny, string hash implementation for JS, based on FNV-1a | | @broofa/jsondiff | Pragmatic, intuitive diffing and patching of JSON objects | | nocha | A mocha-inspired test utility | | @broofa/stringlang | Count string characters by unicode block | | @broofa/thrucache | Efficient, async, thru-memory cache | | persistentmap | An ES6 Map with Redis-inspired persistence and durability. | | simplur | Simple, versatile string pluralization |

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