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Small command-line JSON Log viewer

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A small tool to view json log files.


** Filter To filter log messages it is possible to use lua

#+BEGIN_SRC shell-script fblog -f 'level ~= "info"' # will print all message where the level is not info fblog -f 'process == "play"' # will print all message where the process is play fblog -f 'string.find(fu, "bow.*") ~= nil' # will print all messages where fu starts with bow fblog -f 'process == "play"' # will print all message where the process is play fblog -f 'process == "rust" and fu == "bower"' fblog --no-implicit-filter-return-statement -f 'if 3 > 2 then return true else return false end'

# not valid lua identifiers fblog -d -f 'G["log.level"] == "WARN"' sampleelastic.log #+END_SRC

** Customize ~fblog~ tries to detect the message, severity and timestamp of a log entry. This behavior can be customized. See ~--help~ for more information.

You can customize fblog messages: Format output: #+BEGINSRC shell-script fblog -p --main-line-format "{{#if shortmessage}}{{ red shortmessage }}{{/if}}" sample.json.log #+ENDSRC

The following sanitized variables are provided by fblog:

  • fblog_timestamp
  • fblog_level
  • fblog_message
  • fblog_prefix

For the default formatting see ~--help~

handlebar helpers:

  • bold
  • yellow
  • red
  • blue
  • purple
  • green
  • color_rgb 0 0 0
  • uppercase
  • level_style
  • fixed_size 10

** NOCOLOR ~fblog~ disables color output if the ~NOCOLOR~ environment variable is present.


** Installation #+BEGINSRC bash cargo install fblog #+ENDSRC

If you need a deb or rpm package have a look at [[][fblog releases]]

If you're lucky enough to be an arch linux user: [[][AUR]]

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