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Component based analytics studio on the web browser

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Brightics Studio v1.1

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Brightics Studio


Brightics Studio is a web-based data analysis workflow tool for data scientists.
Brightics Studio has an intuitive user interface and the interactive GUI will let you find potential insights from your data.
Brightics Studio supports an interface for analytics by wrapping popular python libraries such as scikit-learn and pandas.
Using Brightics Studio, both citizen data scientists and professional data scientists will be able to handle their projects.
Using the Brightics Toolkit, user interfaces for custom functions can be generated and they will be usable in the Brightics workflow.
Charts and report generators are also provided to visualize data in various ways.


Please visit our web site

Getting started

Docker Image

The Brightics Studio Docker image is available on Docker Hub.


  • Optional: macOS users have to install graphviz using Homebrew to plot tree figures of Decision Tree. However if it is not easy to install it just skip it.
    brew install graphviz
  • Some functions which interact with database need client libraries such as Oracle Instant Client


Download release files are available from github release or our web site


Execute the downloaded file. It will extract files automatically.

BrighticsStudio-\-\.exe : for windows
BrighticsStudio-\-\.sh : for linux and mac

Details of the directory is as follows:

/brightics-studio/brightics-server : core home
/brightics-studio/visual-analytics : GUI home
/brightics-studio/lib : external libs


You don't need to prepare anything before running it. Our releases contain all requirements in a package itself.
Go to unzipped directory and run.

Brightics-Studio-Launcher.exe : Launcher for windows
start-brightics.cmd : for windows : for linux and mac


If a new version is released, you should move these files to newer version of brightics-studio to maintain data and projects.


Or download "BrighticsStudio-<version>-<os name>-patch" and run this from the location of Brightics Studio installation.


Brightics Studio pops up on Chrome browser after launching start-brightics.cmd (or Please go to manually to use Brightics Studio if it does not pop up automatically.

Start from AWS Marketplace

Brightics Studio is now available from AWS Marketplace(
It just takes only 1~2 minutes to setup EC2 and launch Brightics Studio.


Tokenizer (Korean) function will not work properly if the installation path contains Korean characters. You need to install Brightics Studio in a folder whose full path does not contain Korean characters in order to make use of this function.



  • JDK 1.8, 1.9 (64bit)
  • Python 3.6.x (64bit)
  • Node.js 8.11.2 (64bit)

Setting up the environment variables

for windows:


for linux-like systems:

export JAVA_HOME=

Most common cases you don't need to set above parameters because those projects automatically add paths during their installation process.


Build a package with maven.

mvn clean package -DskipTests [Options]

When the build process is finished, a distribution will be created under build/target/dist directory.

Create python environment

    pip -r brightics-studio\lib\requirements.txt

Some of python packages need Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools.
Please make sure Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 installed when you run the setup command in windows.
Reference : Python wiki for WindowsCompilers


Visual Analytics(Web GUI) project is licensed under the terms of the Brightics Visual Analytics LICENSE, please check Notice below.
The others are licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.


Source codes of the Web GUI are not yet fully opened due to some license issues from its submodules.
The purpose of personal use for commercial or non-commercial is allowed but only the redistribution is prohibited.
See the documentation about this license for more details.
We are working hard to solve these issues and soon it will be public.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

Contact us

If you like to use Brightics Studio, please let us know your usage and feedback.
Or you have questions while using Brightics Studio, don't hesitate and feel free to contact [email protected]

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