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Drop-in replacement for Python SimpleHTTPServer. Provides TLS via Let's Encrypt over HTTP2, and auto generated self-signed certificates.

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simple-httpd is aimed to be a simple replacement for using

python -m SimpleHTTPServer
to serve local files. Like SimpleHTTPServer, simple-httpd supports HTTP GET and HEAD requests and adheres to the HTTP/1.1 RFC 2616 guidelines.

The HTML output is a mix of the Python module layout and of an Apache directory listing layout.

If you're looking for a full featured or even just more capable web server, take a look at Caddy.


  • HTTP2 with Let's Encrypt integration for automatic TLS if enabled
  • Automatic self signed certificate generation and use if enabled

Certificates are cached in

for reuse.


go get


make install
or, on BSD
gmake install


HTTP/1.1 on default port (8000)


HTTP/1.1 on the given port

simple-httpd -p 8181

HTTP/2 with Let's Encrypt on the default port

simple-httpd -l some.valid.domain

The port assignment is for the HTTP server. The TLS port will be 8081 and both will respond to requests.

simple-httpd -p 8080 -t some.valid.domain

Generate a self signed certificate and run the server

simple-httpd -g


  • File Issue with details of the problem, feature request, etc.
  • Submit a pull request and include details of what problem or feature the code is solving or implementing.

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