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Braintree PHP library

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Braintree PHP library

The Braintree PHP library provides integration access to the Braintree Gateway.

TLS 1.2 required

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council has mandated that early versions of TLS be retired from service. All organizations that handle credit card information are required to comply with this standard. As part of this obligation, Braintree has updated its services to require TLS 1.2 for all HTTPS connections. Braintrees require HTTP/1.1 for all connections. Please see our technical documentation for more information.


The following PHP extensions are required:

  • curl
  • dom
  • hash
  • openssl
  • xmlwriter

PHP version >= 7.2 is required. The Braintree PHP SDK is tested against PHP versions 7.3 and 7.4.

The PHP core development community has released End-of-Life branches for PHP versions 5.4 - 7.1, and are no longer receiving security updates. As a result, Braintree does not support these versions of PHP.


Braintree employs a deprecation policy for our SDKs. For more information on the statuses of an SDK check our developer docs.

| Major version number | Status | Released | Deprecated | Unsupported | | -------------------- | ------ | -------- | ---------- | ----------- | | 5.x.x | Active | March 2020 | TBA | TBA | | 4.x.x | Inactive | May 2019 | March 2022 | March 2023 | | 3.x.x | Inactive | May 2015 | March 2022 | March 2023 |


Updating from an Inactive, Deprecated, or Unsupported version of this SDK? Check our Migration Guide for tips.

Quick Start Example

// Instantiate a Braintree Gateway either like this:
$gateway = new Braintree\Gateway([
    'environment' => 'sandbox',
    'merchantId' => 'your_merchant_id',
    'publicKey' => 'your_public_key',
    'privateKey' => 'your_private_key'

// or like this: $config = new Braintree\Configuration([ 'environment' => 'sandbox', 'merchantId' => 'your_merchant_id', 'publicKey' => 'your_public_key', 'privateKey' => 'your_private_key' ]); $gateway = new Braintree\Gateway($config)

// Then, create a transaction: $result = $gateway->transaction()->sale([ 'amount' => '1000.00', 'paymentMethodNonce' => 'nonceFromTheClient', 'options' => [ 'submitForSettlement' => true ] ]);

if ($result->success) { print_r("success!: " . $result->transaction->id); } else if ($result->transaction) { print_r("Error processing transaction:"); print_r("\n code: " . $result->transaction->processorResponseCode); print_r("\n text: " . $result->transaction->processorResponseText); } else { print_r("Validation errors: \n"); print_r($result->errors->deepAll()); }


As of major version 5.x.x, only PSR-4 namespacing is supported. This means you'll have to reference classes using PSR-4 namespacing:

$gateway = new Braintree\Gateway([
    'environment' => 'sandbox',
    'merchantId' => 'your_merchant_id',
    'publicKey' => 'your_public_key',
    'privateKey' => 'your_private_key'

// or

$config = new Braintree\Configuration([ 'environment' => 'sandbox', 'merchantId' => 'your_merchant_id', 'publicKey' => 'your_public_key', 'privateKey' => 'your_private_key' ]); $gateway = new Braintree\Gateway($config)

Google App Engine Support

When using Google App Engine include the curl extention in your

file (see #190 for more information):
extension = ""

and turn off accepting gzip responses:

$gateway = new Braintree\Gateway([
    'environment' => 'sandbox',
    // ...
    'acceptGzipEncoding' => false,

Developing (Docker)


will build an image containing the dependencies and drop you to a terminal where you can run tests.


The unit specs can be run by anyone on any system, but the integration specs are meant to be run against a local development server of our gateway code. These integration specs are not meant for public consumption and will likely fail if run on your system. To run unit tests use rake:

rake test:unit


See the LICENSE file.

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