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A Laravel Admin Starter project with Page Builder, Roles, Impersonation, Analytics, Blog, News, Banners, FAQ, Testimonials and more

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Laravel CMS Starter Project

A Laravel CMS Starter project with AdminLTE theme and core features.

Preview project here - User: [email protected] - Password: github

What is New?

  • titan-starter
  • I have started from scratch an updated version. This version includes tests and Laravel 7 with Bootstrap 4.

Features / What it includes

  • Admin LTE admin theme
  • Members (website and admin users)
  • Google Analytics Reports (with charts)
  • Website Page Builder with 3 components (page content, photos, documents)
  • Log Website Activities (if contact us was submitted, etc)
  • Notifications (Laravel notifications)
  • Log Admin Activities (when admin create,edit,delete a resource)
  • Bootstrap Alerts and Form Error messages. bpocallaghan/alert
  • Flash a Notification after a CRUD resource action. bpocallaghan/notify
  • Generate crud resource, individual files. bpocallaghan/generators
  • Impersonate any of your customers. bpocallaghan/impersonate
  • Roles, Assign roles to the user and navigation to exlude navigation for a user.
  • Manage Blog, Banners, FAQ, Photos.
  • Reports with Chartjs

Setup (Basic)

  • composer create-project bpocallaghan/laravel-admin-starter:dev-master laravel-admin-starter
  • create your database
  • setup your virtual host (example: http://titan.local)
  • open .env and add database name and user
  • open
    and set your admin user credentials
  • php titan:install` and complete the answers (setup appname, appauthor, app_url, etc)
  • The above command will set .env values, but you can manually edit it before running

Setup (Advanced)

  • complete
  • config\app.php
    -> set timezone
  • create FB Website App
  • create a mailgun account and set custom domain
  • google captcha
  • google analytics account
  • google console developer account for google maps and google analytics API
    • Enable the 'google analytics' API
    • Create api browser key for google maps
    • Get and Setup Laravel Analytics Laravel Analytics (Spatie)
      • create NEW service account key
      • any name will work (I use google analytics)
      • key type is JSON
      • download and rename the json to 'service-account-credentials.json'
      • store the file under /storage/app/analytics
      • go to (google analytics)[]
      • go to admin - property - user management and add the service account's email as a user
      • go to admin - view - settings and copy the 'site id' to your .env
  • get a Google Maps js API key (after you've created the project in google)
  • have a look at Admin\NavigationController.php on how to use datatables and datatables with ajax if more than 150 entries


Thank you


  • I hardly maintain this repository anymore as all my free time goes into the new version: titan-starter
  • I do apologize about it (I still have live projects using this repository)

This is my starter project for most crud admin portals. I try to keep it clean, flexibly and friendly to use and to help the community. Please let me know about any issues or if you have any suggestions.

Change log

Please see the CHANGELOG for more information about changes.

My Packages Included

  • File Generators Laravel 5 File Generators with config and publishable stubs
  • Notify Laravel 5 Flash Notifications with icons and animations and with a timeout
  • Alert A helper package to flash a bootstrap alert to the browser via a Facade or a helper function.
  • Impersonate User This allows you to authenticate as any of your customers.
  • Sluggable Provides a HasSlug trait that will generate a unique slug when saving your Laravel Eloquent model.

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