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AWS SDK for Python

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Boto3 - The AWS SDK for Python

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Boto3 is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Python, which allows Python developers to write software that makes use of services like Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2. You can find the latest, most up to date, documentation at our

doc site
_, including a list of services that are supported.

.. _boto: .. _

doc site
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Getting Started

Assuming that you have Python and

installed, set up your environment and install the required dependencies like this or you can install the library using

.. code-block:: sh

$ git clone
$ cd boto3
$ virtualenv venv
$ . venv/bin/activate
$ python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python -m pip install -e .

.. code-block:: sh

$ python -m pip install boto3

Using Boto3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After installing boto3

Next, set up credentials (in e.g.


.. code-block:: ini

aws_access_key_id = YOUR_KEY
aws_secret_access_key = YOUR_SECRET

Then, set up a default region (in e.g.


.. code-block:: ini

[default] region=us-east-1

Other credentials configuration method can be found


Then, from a Python interpreter:

.. code-block:: python

>>> import boto3
>>> s3 = boto3.resource('s3')
>>> for bucket in s3.buckets.all():

Running Tests ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can run tests in all supported Python versions using

. By default, it will run all of the unit and functional tests, but you can also specify your own
options. Note that this requires that you have all supported versions of Python installed, otherwise you must pass
or run the
command directly:

.. code-block:: sh

$ tox
$ tox -- unit/
$ tox -e py26,py33 -- integration/

You can also run individual tests with your default Python version:

.. code-block:: sh

$ nosetests tests/unit

Getting Help

We use GitHub issues for tracking bugs and feature requests and have limited bandwidth to address them. Please use these community resources for getting help:

  • Ask a question on
    Stack Overflow 
    __ and tag it with
  • Come join the AWS Python community chat on
  • Open a support ticket with
    AWS Support 
  • If it turns out that you may have found a bug, please
    open an issue 


We value feedback and contributions from our community. Whether it's a bug report, new feature, correction, or additional documentation, we welcome your issues and pull requests. Please read through this

__ document before submitting any issues or pull requests to ensure we have all the necessary information to effectively respond to your contribution.

More Resources

  • Changelog 
  • License 

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