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Value open source Podcast EP01

Value Open Source Podcast – EP01 – Lior Kaplan

Lior Kaplan is an open-source community leader in Israel and open source consultant. Join him and Chen Ravid, xs:code’s Head of product, for a talk about open source, how Lior got into the field, and some of the projects participated in the Israeli OSS ecosystem.


“Free as in Freedom”. Open Source 101

Open Source 101 Open source is a collective philosophy that encourages the free distribution and public access of an end product, which is typically software


What is Subscription Based Open Source

The open source community has done something never before done in history. A massive-scale knowledge base of useful tools, freely available for anyone to use, duplicate, learn from and distribute. Its hard to find anything similar in course of human history, where a group of individuals willingly performed work on such scale without any form of compensation.