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The right sponsor for your open source project

The ongoing maintenance and growth of open source projects are clearly in the best interest of the software companies using them. And yet, raising money for an open-source project is difficult, and many developers struggle with finding the right sponsors for their projects. What is the best way to get the resources open source developers need to keep developing?


Open source is free – but expensive

While over 90% of software companies use free open source components, only a handful are actually aware of the hidden costs behind using “free” code. This article discusses the real cost of using open source in commercial software, the risks behind it and how they can be mitigated.


5 things I learned about open source developers

I’ve spent the past 12 months working intensely with open source developers. In previous ventures I worked on, my teams and I used open-source libraries, but this was the first time I actually crossed the lines from just another faceless person git cloning some code, to actually meeting the people behind the repository. It’s been (and still is) an enlightening journey.


Why we’ve started xs:code

November 14, 2016, scrum meeting: “We’re still working on this feature. It will take us longer than we thought” said the tech lead @ Vidoo,