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Source code of tactical space game Flotilla (2010)

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Source code of tactical space game Flotilla (2010)


In 2010 I made the game Flotilla, and now on its 10th birthday I'm releasing its source code. Beware: Flotilla is basically the project where I learned how to program. It's filled with strange and not-great code. More details here.

Here is a short video of what the game looks like. Flotilla is available for purchase from or Steam. The game consists of two main parts: - turn-based tactical combat. - space exploration with branching events.

Flotilla originally used the XNA framework, and last year was ported to FNA by the amazing Ethan Lee.

Compiling and running

  • Flotilla's code is written in C# and a .sln solution for Visual Studio 2015 is provided.
  • The solution expects to find a folder containing the FNA source code. Place the FNA source code folder next to your Flotilla project folder (do not put FNA inside your Flotilla folder).
  • Download FNA's native libraries and place them in the folder containing your project binaries.
  • To run the game, you'll need the game assets from a purchased version of Flotilla. Copy Flotilla's Content and WindowsContent folders into the folder containing your project binaries. (Flotilla can be purchased from or Steam)


Flotilla's source code is released under the zlib license. In short: you are free to use this source code for personal or commercial purposes. Read the license details here:

Please note this license only applies to Flotilla's source code. Flotilla's game assets (art, models, textures, audio, etc.) are not open-source and are not to be redistributed.


  • Created by Brendon Chung.
  • FNA port by Ethan Lee.
  • Audio by Soundsnap.
  • Special Thanks to Daniel Wiksten, Drew Marlowe, Neil Mehta, Sherman Wang, Tom Nguyen, and Venny Wong.

Libraries used

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