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Few-shot Object Detection via Feature Reweighting

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Few-shot Object Detection via Feature Reweighting

Implementation for the paper:

Few-shot Object Detection via Feature Reweighting, ICCV 2019

Bingyi Kang*, Zhuang Liu*, Xin Wang, Fisher Yu, Jiashi Feng and Trevor Darrell (* equal contribution)

Our code is based on and developed with Python 2.7 & PyTorch 0.3.1.

Detection Examples (3-shot)

Sample novel class detection results with 3-shot training bounding boxes, on PASCAL VOC.


The architecture of our proposed few-shot detection model. It consists of a meta feature extractor and a reweighting module. The feature extractor follows the one-stage detector architecture and directly regresses the objectness score (o), bounding box location (x, y, h, w) and classification score (c). The reweighting module is trained to map support samples of N classes to N reweighting vectors, each responsible for modulating the meta features to detect the objects from the corresponding class. A softmax based classification score normalization is imposed on the final output.


Conventional training of a deep CNN based object detector demands a large number of bounding box annotations, which may be unavailable for rare categories. In this work we develop a few-shot object detector that can learn to detect novel objects from only a few annotated examples. Our proposed model leverages fully labeled base classes and quickly adapts to novel classes, using a meta feature learner and a reweighting module within a one-stage detection architecture. The feature learner extracts meta features that are generalizable to detect novel object classes, using training data from base classes with sufficient samples. The reweighting module transforms a few support examples from the novel classes to a global vector that indicates the importance or relevance of meta features for detecting the corresponding objects. These two modules, together with a detection prediction module, are trained end-to-end based on an episodic few-shot learning scheme and a carefully designed loss function. Through extensive experiments we demonstrate that our model outperforms well-established baselines by a large margin for few-shot object detection, on multiple datasets and settings. We also present analysis on various aspects of our proposed model, aiming to provide some inspiration for future few-shot detection works.

Training our model on VOC

  • $PROJ_ROOT : project root
  • $DATA_ROOT : dataset root

Prepare dataset

  • Get The Pascal VOC Data

    cd $DATA_ROOT
    tar xf VOCtrainval_11-May-2012.tar
    tar xf VOCtrainval_06-Nov-2007.tar
    tar xf VOCtest_06-Nov-2007.tar
  • Generate Labels for VOC

    cat 2007_train.txt 2007_val.txt 2012_*.txt > voc_train.txt
  • Generate per-class Labels for VOC (used for meta inpput)

    cp $PROJ_ROOT/scripts/ $DATA_ROOT
    cd $DATA_ROOT
  • Generate few-shot image list To use our few-shot datasets

    cd $PROJ_ROOT
    python scripts/ 

You may want to generate new few-shot datasets Change the ''DROOT'' varibale in scripts/ to $DATAROOT

python scripts/ # might be different with ours

Base Training

  • Modify Cfg for Pascal Data Change the data/ file

    neg = 1
    rand = 0
    novel = data/voc_novels.txt             // file contains novel splits
    novelid = 0                             // which split to use
    scale = 1
    meta = data/voc_traindict_full.txt
    train = $DATA_ROOT/voc_train.txt
    valid = $DATA_ROOT/2007_test.txt
    backup = backup/metayolo
  • Download Pretrained Convolutional Weights

  • Train The Model

    python cfg/ cfg/darknet_dynamic.cfg cfg/reweighting_net.cfg darknet19_448.conv.23
  • Evaluate the Model

    python cfg/ cfg/darknet_dynamic.cfg cfg/reweighting_net.cfg path/toweightfile
    python scripts/ results/path/to/comp4_det_test_

Few-shot Tuning

  • Modify Cfg for Pascal Data Change the data/ file

    tuning = 1
    neg = 0
    rand = 0
    novel = data/voc_novels.txt                 
    novelid = 0
    max_epoch = 2000
    repeat = 200
    dynamic = 0
    train = $DATA_ROOT/voc_train.txt
    meta = data/voc_traindict_bbox_5shot.txt
    valid = $DATA_ROOT/2007_test.txt
    backup = backup/metatune
    gpus  = 1,2,3,4
  • Train The Model

    python cfg/ cfg/darknet_dynamic.cfg cfg/reweighting_net.cfg path/to/base/weightfile
  • Evaluate the Model

    python cfg/ cfg/darknet_dynamic.cfg cfg/reweighting_net.cfg path/to/tuned/weightfile
    python scripts/ results/path/to/comp4_det_test_


  title={Few-shot Object Detection via Feature Reweighting},
  author={Kang, Bingyi and Liu, Zhuang and Wang, Xin and Yu, Fisher and Feng, Jiashi and Darrell, Trevor},

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