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Bigfile -- a file transfer system that supports http, rpc and ftp protocol

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Bigfile ———— a file transfer system that supports http, rpc and ftp protocol 简体中文English

Bigfile is a file transfer system, supports http, ftp and rpc protocol. Designed to provide a file management service and give developers more help. At the bottom, bigfile splits the file into small pieces of 1MB, the same slice will only be stored once.

In fact, we built a file organization system based on the database. Here you can find familiar files and folders.

Since the rpc and http protocols are supported, those languages supported by grpc and other languages can be quickly accessed.

More detailed documents can be found here


  • Support HTTP(s) protocol

    • Support rate limit by ip
    • Support cors
    • Support to avoid replay attack
    • Support to validate parameter signature
    • Support Http Single Range Protocol
  • Support FTP(s) protocol

  • Support RPC protocol

  • Support to deploy by docker

  • Provide document with English and Chinese

Install Bigfile

There are kinds of ways to install Bigfile, you can find more detailed documentation here English 简体中文

Start Bigfile

  1. generate certificates

bigfile rpc:make-cert

  1. start server

bigfile multi:server

This will print some information as follows:

    [2019/09/19 15:38:32.817] 56628 DEBUG  bigfile http service listening on:
    [2019/09/19 15:38:32.818] 56628 DEBUG   Go FTP Server listening on 2121
    [2019/09/19 15:38:32.819] 56628 DEBUG  bigfile rpc service listening on: tcp://[::]:10986

HTTP Example (Token Create)

package main

import ( "fmt" "io/ioutil" libHttp "net/http" "strings" "time"



func main() { appUid := "42c4fcc1a620c9e97188f50b6f2ab199" appSecret := "f8f2ae1fe4f70b788254dcc991a35558" body := http.GetParamsSignBody(map[string]interface{}{ "appUid": appUid, "nonce": models.RandomWithMD5(128), "path": "/images/png", "expiredAt": time.Now().AddDate(0, 0, 2).Unix(), "secret": models.RandomWithMD5(44), "availableTimes": -1, "readOnly": false, }, appSecret) request, err := libHttp.NewRequest( "POST", "", strings.NewReader(body)) if err != nil { fmt.Println(err) return } request.Header.Set("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded") resp, err := libHttp.DefaultClient.Do(request) if err != nil { fmt.Println(err) return } if bodyBytes, err := ioutil.ReadAll(resp.Body); err != nil { fmt.Println(err) return } else { fmt.Println(string(bodyBytes)) } }

RPC Example (Token Create)

package main

import ( "crypto/tls" "crypto/x509" "fmt" "io/ioutil"



func createConnection() (*grpc.ClientConn, error) { var ( err error conn *grpc.ClientConn cert tls.Certificate certPool *x509.CertPool rootCertBytes []byte ) if cert, err = tls.LoadX509KeyPair("client.pem", "client.key"); err != nil { return nil, err }

certPool = x509.NewCertPool()
if rootCertBytes, err = ioutil.ReadFile("ca.pem"); err != nil {
    return nil, err

if !certPool.AppendCertsFromPEM(rootCertBytes) {
    return nil, err

if conn, err = grpc.Dial("", grpc.WithTransportCredentials(credentials.NewTLS(&tls.Config{
    Certificates: []tls.Certificate{cert},
    RootCAs:      certPool,
}))); err != nil {
    return nil, err
return conn, err


func main() { var ( err error conn *grpc.ClientConn )

if conn, err = createConnection(); err != nil {
defer conn.Close()
grpcClient := rpc.NewTokenCreateClient(conn)
    fmt.Println(grpcClient.TokenCreate(context.TODO(), &rpc.TokenCreateRequest{
        AppUid:    "42c4fcc1a620c9e97188f50b6f2ab199",
        AppSecret: "f8f2ae1fe4f70b788254dcc991a35558",


FTP Example


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