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Svelte toast notifications component that can be used in any JS application

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Svelte Notifications

js-standard-style Svelte v3

Svelte Notifications component

  • Uses SvelteKit 🎉
  • v3 compatible
  • uses stores for completely hassle free operation
  • Can persist across full page reloads!


A Demo of this component is available.

Alternatively, check the project out from github and

npm run dev


npm i -D @beyonk/svelte-notifications

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Notification types

You can call multiple types of notification:

const options = {
  timeout: 3000, // milliseconds
  persist: false // automatic timeout (ignores above)
}'danger', message, options) notifier.danger(message, options), notifier.warning(message, options),, options), notifier.success(message, options)

Persisting across apps

Your notifications can persist across multiple apps / page reloads, as long as they use this library. This is useful for a scenario where you show a notification and then redirect the browser to a different application, or trigger a full reload of the page.

This is completely automatic and uses session storage.

To ensure that notifications don't persist across apps where they should not, set the

attribute to something unique to each app.

Notification themes

You can customise the themes:

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Custom types

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You can set a default timeout:

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Custom timeout:

You can set a timeout per message

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You can make a message persist and never timeout, having a close button that the user can click to remove it.

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