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Exercises from Stroustrup's "Programming - Principles and Practice Using C++" (First Edition)

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Exercises from "Programming – Principles and Practice using C++" by Stroustrup

Exercises from Stroustrup's "Programming – Principles and Practice Using C++" (First Edition). Some sample solutions by Stroustrup can be found here. The directory

contains the old version of the slides on Stroustrup's website, as the current ones are updated for the 2nd edition of the book and C++11. In
are all the code examples in the book, taken from the book's website.

I was working with Visual Studio 2013 Express for Chapters 1–18, then I changed to Code::Blocks. Everything I've uploaded here was tested to compile in Code::Blocks using MinGW GCC 4.8.1. From Chapter 21 on, I switched to Visual Studio Community 2013.

Notice that some solutions require using an older C++ standard when compiling, for example Chapter 17, exercise 4: use something like

g++ --std=c++03

to compile (under Linux).

Chapter 1 has no programming exercises, and for Chapter 2 I just went along and changed the same file over and over, so these solutions are not here.

Chapters 12–16 deal with GUI/graphics and use FLTK. The actual work there is not in the files containing

, but in
. I've done a little write-up about setting up FLTK under Visual Studio Community 2013 here; Philipp has created an updated version of that (for FLTK 1.3.4 and Visual Studio 2017) on his website.

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