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A text field with a validity indicator

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is a text field with a validity indicator. UI/UX inspired by @muffs

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The left indicator changes color based on the validity of the field's text - just pass the field a text validation block:

[self.passwordField setTextValidationBlock:^BOOL(BZGFormField *field, NSString *text) {
    return (text.length >= 8);

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When the text field returns, the indicator expands and becomes tappable.

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When the indicator is tapped, an alert view is displayed - you can configure the alert view in the text validation block.

[self.passwordField setTextValidationBlock:^BOOL(BZGFormField *field, NSString *text) {
    if (text.length < 8) {
        field.alertView.title = @"Password is too short";
        return NO;
    } else {
        return YES;

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If you're using cocoapods, add

pod 'BZGFormField'
to your Podfile. Otherwise, add
to your project.


Check out the sample Xcode project in


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