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an HTTP resource kit for Python

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Restkit is an HTTP resource kit for

. It allows you to easily access to HTTP resource and build objects around it. It's the base of
a Python
_ framework.

Restkit is a full HTTP client using pure socket calls and its own HTTP parser. It's not based on httplib or urllib2.


  • Full compatible HTTP client for HTTP 1.0 and 1.1
  • Threadsafe
  • Use pure socket calls and its own HTTP parser (It's not based on httplib or urllib2)
  • Map HTTP resources to Python objects
  • Read and Send on the fly
  • Reuses connections
  • Eventlet 
    _ and
    _ support
  • Support
    Chunked transfer encoding
    _ in both ways.
  • Support
    Basic Authentification
    _ and
  • Multipart forms and url-encoded forms
  • Streaming support
  • Proxy handling
  • HTTP Filters, you can hook requests in responses with your own callback
  • Compatible with Python 2.x (>= 2.6)



restkit requires Python 2.x superior to 2.6 (Python 3 support is coming soon)

To install restkit using pip you must make sure you have a recent version of distribute installed::

$ curl -O
$ sudo python
$ easy_install pip

To install from source, run the following command::

$ git clone
$ cd restkit
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python install

From pypi::

$ pip install restkit


restkit is available under the MIT license.

.. Chunked transfer encoding: .. _Basic Authentification: .. _OAuth:

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