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A Unity plugin to create curved content in real-time with bézier curves

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What is SplineMesh?

Inspired by Unreal Engine 4 spline component, SplineMesh is a Unity 3D plugin that allows you to create curved content: - Generalistic spline component - Mesh bending along spline - 2D shape extrusion along spline - Easy-to-use editor - Complete mathematical Bézier curves - Strong real-time performances

If you like SplineMesh please take some time to vote for the asset on the store, it helps a lot ! Reviews are much appreciated too.

How to use it?

Get the asset on the Asset Store here. It includes doc, comments and a complete showcase with exemples in action for your convienence.

Don't hesitate to contact the author via the store or github issue page.

How to contribute?

SplineMesh is free and open-source. You can support the author by buying the paid version, which contains no additional feature.

You can also contribute to the code itself by sending code, pull request or your own exemple components, the author will be glad to include your work on the store.

please report broken links

please report broken links

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