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Vector drawing desktop application

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Curve App is a vector drawing desktop application written in JavaScript and based on Electron. It is mostly an Electron wrapper over the Curve vector drawing library.


Note: at this point it is a toy (MVP!) intended to serve as a real-ish example of an Electron app. It has all the trimmings most apps will need:

  • Window management
  • File management (open, save, save as, dealing with modified files)
  • Menus
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Passing command line parameters from the browser process to the renderer process


  • Open and save SVG files
  • Create Paths (pen tool)
  • Create Rectangles (rectangle tool)
  • Create Ellipses (ellipse tool)
  • Edit object shapes (rectangles, ellipses, paths: nodes and their handles)
  • Edit object fill color


  • Undo
  • Zoom
  • Multi-select
  • Better handle management on nodes (break, join, pull)
  • Legit color picker that allows alpha
  • The editing of more parameters (more than just fill!)
  • Layer management
  • Like everything else a legit vector drawing app has...



To open a file from the command line

script/run path/to/file.svg


MIT License

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