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Expack - Express and Webpack Boilerplate

Expack is the bare-bones Express and Webpack boilerplate with ES6+ babel transpilation, ESLint linting, Hot Module Reloading, and Jest test framework enabled.

Expack has two build modes: Development and Production.

When you run

npm run buildDev
, Javascript, HTML, and CSS files are unminified and not uglified, meaning that you can easily inspect them in Chrome Dev Tools. Hot Module Reloading is enabled via

When you run

npm run buildProd
, Javascript, HTML, and CSS files are all minified and uglified, and images are encoded as Base64 directly into your CSS file, which results in less calls to the server for image files.

Google App Engine Flex Deployment

Expack can be deployed directly to Google App Engine Flex with the command

npm run deploy
. IMPORTANT: Currently
is configured to use minimal resources to save on cost, which is great for development but terrible for production. Please review and update
to suit your own needs.

Installation & Usage

git clone
cd expack
npm install

npm run buildDev // for development // OR npm run buildProd

npm start // navigate to localhost:8080 for local dev

For testing

npm test                // runs test
npm run coverage        // generates a coverage report


Please ensure that your version of Node and NPM are up to date, and run

npm audit
after installation to ensure that no vulnerabilities exist. If they do, follow the audits instructions on how to resolve them.

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