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A collection of high customizable unlit shaders for Lightweight Render Pipeline

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Lightweight Render Pipeline Shaders

"Lightweight Render Pipeline Shaders" is a collection of shaders designed for Unity 2018 Lightweight Render Pipeline. It's especially useful for VFX and particles.

All shaders are fully customizable and GPU Instancing / GPU Instancing Particles friendly.

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Available Shaders

  • Lightweight
    • Unlit
      • Color
      • Gradient
      • Texture
      • Texture and Color
    • Particles


Basic Parameters

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This section contains shader specific parameters. Basically, color and texture.

Alpha Clip

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If you check

Alpha Clip
, alpha clipping is enabled. A pixel with alpha that is less than threshold will be discarded.


2018-04-04 14 19 01

You can choose one of the following surface types:

  • Opaque
  • Transparent
  • Premultiply
  • Additive
  • Multiply


Src Blend
Dst Blend
Z Write
Premultiplied Alpha
values will automatically be configured to appropriate settings.

If you choose

, you can change that values as you like.


2018-04-04 14 19 13

You can choose a cull mode from:

  • Off
  • Front
  • Back

Default is

is for double sided material.

Z Test

2018-04-04 14 19 24

You can choose which compare function will be used for Z Test.

GPU Instaincing

2018-04-04 14 19 39

If you check

Enable GPU Instancing
, a material is automatically configured for GPU Instancing. If you use same mesh and the material with MeshRenderer for rendering, draw call will be automatically instanced.

Also if you check

Enable Per Instance Data
, you can store per-instance
Basic Parameters
via MaterialPropertyBlock.
// Set random colors but keep GPU Instancing
foreach (var g in gameObjects)
  var property = new MaterialPropertyBlock();
  property.SetColor("_Color", Random.color);

GPU Instancing Particle

All Particles shaders works correctly with GPU Instaincing in Particle System.

To enable GPU Instaincing in Particle System, use

render mode and check
Enable GPU Instancing
section of Particle System inspector.


All features are implemented by shader variants. After compilation, code of non-used feature is efficiently striped!

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