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Schemas for a p2p social-media network built on the Dat Web.

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Schemas and APIs for social applications on the Dat Web.

Join us on Freenode at #unwalled.garden.

How it works

  • Every user has their own Dat website.
  • Users publish statuses, comments, and other kinds of content on their sites.
  • Users follow each other to sync their content.
  • Follows are public, creating a social graph.

You can think of it as a souped-up RSS: users publish records as files on their sites, then sync the files regularly to receive updates. This is used to power news feeds, aggregators, comments sections, search engines, and more.

Visit the website to learn more.


The rules for governance are as follows:

  1. Open issues or pull requests to discuss changes, problems, and ideas.
  2. Pull requests should be made to the
  3. As unwalled.garden is a decentralized network, breaking changes are not allowed.
  4. All PRs require the BDFL's final approval before merging.

The current BDFL is Paul Frazee.

The current reference implementation is Beaker. The

branch will be merged into
when the reference implementation has been published with appropriate support for the changes.

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