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Sarasa Gothic / 更纱黑体 / 更紗黑體 / 更紗ゴシック / 사라사 고딕

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Sarasa Gothic (更纱黑体 / 更紗黑體 / 更紗ゴシック / 사라사고딕)

This is SARASA GOTHIC, a CJK programming font based on Iosevka and Source Han Sans.

To build

You need Node.js (version 12 or newer), otfcc, AFDKO and ttfautohint installed, then run:

npm install

after the NPM packages are installed, run

npm run build ttf

to build the TTF files, it would be in


To build TTC, type

npm run build ttc

instead, the files would be in


Please note that you will need a lot of memory to create TTCs, due to the huge quantity of subfamily-orthography combinations.

What are the names?

  • Style dimension
    • Latin/Greek/Cyrillic character set being Inter
    • Quotes (
      ) are full width —— Gothic
    • Quotes (
      ) are narrow —— UI
    • Latin/Greek/Cyrillic character set being Iosevka
    • Have ligature, Em dashes (
      ) are full width —— Mono
    • Have ligature, Em dashes (
      ) are half width —— Term
    • No ligature, Em dashes (
      ) are half width —— Fixed
  • Orthography dimension
    • CL
      : Classical orthography
    • SC
      : Regional orthography, following Source Han Sans notations.


  • TUNA (CN):

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