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Open source versions of all bram @ smartelectronix plugins.

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Bram @ Smartelectronix

Open source versions of all bram @ smartelectronix plugins. 20 Years after woking on my first plugin I've decided to open source all these plugins. Consider a lot of this source code was written by a very inexperienced version of myself: it's kind of a mess!

You can find the original smartelectronix pages here: http://bram.smartelectronix.com




Commerial non-GPL licensing

All these plugins are available for licensing under a dual-license scheme. GPL for open source and non-GPL for commercial usage. For those people who want to collaborate on the project there is a CLA.



Prerequisites: - Install XCode - Install brew

After the checkout, run these commands:

brew update
brew upgrade cmake
git submodule update --init --recursive
python get_steinberg_sdk.py
cmake .
make test


Prerequisites: - Install Visual Studio 14 2015 - Install python

After the checkout, run these commands in powershell:

git submodule update --init --recursive
python get_steinberg_sdk.py
.\build.ps1 -Verbose x86 Release
.\build.ps1 -Verbose x64 Release

Plugin list

  • AnechoicRoomSimulator: Silly 1st of April plugin
  • Bitmurderer: Unrelease plugin which can x-or and mess up bytes in the incoming audio. Even has a nice GUI, but was never finished...
  • Bouncy: Bouncing ball delay.
  • CrazyIvan: Insane feedback with distortion effect.
  • Cyanide2: Spline wave-shaper with oversampling.
  • H2O: Heavy pumping compressor.
  • Madshifta: Strange pitch-shifting and delay effect. A collaboration between me (original algorithm), TobyBear.de (translation to Delphi & UI), Sophia Poirier (translation to C++ and AU).
  • OnePingOnly: Simple ping-generating synth.
  • S(m)exoscope: Oscilloscope plugin that lets you retrigger the oscilloscope in a few different ways.
  • SupaPhaser2: Deep phaser.
  • SupaTrigga: Tempo-locked stuttering effect.

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