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require()-able HTML, CSS, and (potentially) more

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require() file contents of HTML, CSS and (potentially) more into a variable as a string.

Supports HTML and CSS out of the box, enabling code like this.

var html = require('./some.html'),
    css = require('./some.css');

To use, specify as a Browserify transform in your

or programmatically like so: ```js var b = require('browserify')(), fs = require('fs'), p = require('partialify');

b.add('./entry.js'); b.transform(p); b.bundle().pipe(fs.createWriteStream('./bundle.js')); ```

To support other file types use the custom version. You can either augment the default supported file types or specify a completely custom list.

var b = require('browserify')(),
    fs = require('fs'),
    p = require('partialify/custom');


b.transform(p.alsoAllow('xml')); // or b.transform(p.alsoAllow(['xml', 'csv'])); // or b.transform(p.onlyAllow(['xml', 'csv']));


Customizing from the CLI

browserify index.js -t [ partialify --alsoAllow svg --alsoAllow xml ] -o bundle.js

browserify index.js -t [ partialify --onlyAllow svg --onlyAllow tsv ] -o bundle.js

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