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Translations of the CodeIgniter system messages

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Translations for CodeIgniter System Messages

This project contains translations for the CodeIgniter system messages folder, system/language/english. A changelog has been added to the repository, so you can track updates between official releases.

Copy the folder(s) for the idioms you are interested in, from inside the language folder of this project to your application/language folder.

You may then use the CodeIgniter Language class to reference the translations directly, or you can set the default language in application/config/config to the idiom appropriate for your webapp.

There have been several questions about RTL languages, but that is not something addressed in CodeIgniter. The suggested approach is to keep any translations in left-to-right order, and to deal with right-to-left rendering through the "dir" attribute of an HTML element, or the "direction" attribute in CSS.

Repository Information

Each language is maintained by a community member, per the table below:

======================= =========== ================== ========================= Idiom Status User Maintainer ======================= =========== ================== ========================= arabic 3.1.11 daif Daif Alotaibi ??? armenian 3.1.5 tgrnmrdn Tigran Muradyan azerbaijani 3.1.5 Qarakom Sübhan Cabbarov basque 3.1.11 agonirena Ander Goñi bengali 3.1.5 kabircse Kabir Hossain bosnian 3.1.11 cikov Cikov Doce bulgarian 3.1.10 ivantcholakov Ivan Tcholakov catalan 3.1.5 Ignasimg Ignasi Molsosa croatian 3.1.5 PaleRider981 Mario Ljubicic czech 3.1.11 Ruplahlava Štěpán Postránecký danish 3.1.5 janhansson* Jan Hansson dutch 3.1.5 pkrul Pieter Krul filipino 3.1.5 dzerium Edzer Josh V. Padilla finnish 3.?? oh1jw Juuso Wallin french 3.1.11 includebeer Alain Rivest german 3.1.5 Rufnex Johannes Gamperl greek 3.1.5 xargr Grigoris Charamidis gujarati 3.1.10 sajid19991 Sajid Mathupotra hindi 3.1.5 shindesushilkumar Sushilkumar Shinde hungarian 3.1.11 orionstar László Bóra indonesian 3.1.10 ridho1991 Mutasim Ridlo italian 3.1.5 ster Stefano Mazzega japanese 3.1.11* ytetsuro ytetsuro khmer 3.1.5 Chanthoeun Chanthoeun Kim korean 3.1.6 KwonLatte HyeongJoo Kwon ??? latvian 3.1.5 DavisMiculis Davis Miculis lithuanian 3.1.10 dgvirtual Donatas Glodenis marathi 3.1.11 devakshay-official Akshay Devrukhkar norwegian 3.1.8 yhoiseth Yngve Hoiseth persian 3.1.5 MSDehghan Mohammad Sadegh polish 3.1.5 michalsn Michał Śniatała portuguese 3.1.6 j38600 Júlio Sebastião portuguese-brazilian 3.1.11 mateusfbi Mateus Brandão romanian 3.1.5 CodefishRo Cristian Robert Chiribuc russian 3.1.5 vadimyer Vadim Yermolin serbian 3.1.5 novakurosevic Novak Urosevic ??? simplified-chinese 3.1.9 denghongcai Deng HongCai slovak 3.1.5 gadelat Gabriel Potkány slovenian 3.1.5 andrejflorjancic Andrej Florjančič spanish 3.1.5 Razican Iban Eguia swedish 3.1.5 peterdenk Peter Denk tamil 3.1.5 karthik-code Karthikeyan thai 3.1.11* settavut Settavut Sunsiti traditional-chinese 3.1.5 appleboy Bo-Yi Wu turkish 3.1.5 obozdag Osman Bozdag ukranian 3.1.5 flybot Sergiy Kosiy urdu 3.1.5 codeonion Muhammad Ali vietnamese 3.1.5 tinhphaistc Trần Xuân Sâm ??? ======================= =========== ================== =========================


These translations are intended for use with CodeIgniter 3.x.


These translations are licensed under the

MIT license 


If you have a translation or correction, please fork the repository, clone it locally, and then create a new branch (from develop) for each set of related changes or for a complete language pack. Once your branch is complete, then create a pull request to merge it into the main repository. Remember to "sign" your commits.

Pull requests to the repository will only be considered if they come from the maintainer for any translations in the request, or if the maintainer adds a comment indicating they approve of any changes. If a maintainer is unresponsive

PR conversations should be conducted in English, thanks.

Jim Parry 

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