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Markov chain text generator, as used for KingJamesProgramming

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The program presents a REPL, from which you can generate text in a number of different ways, a list of commands can be produced by typing

, and help for specific topics can be found by typing

Getting Started

  1. Download the KingJamesProgramming corpus from this repo

    tar xvf KingJamesProgramming.tar.xz
  2. Set up the virtualenv

    virtualenv venv
    source venv/bin/activate
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Fire up the program

    python3 -m markov
  4. Generate text

    train 3 --noparagraphs /path/to/KingJamesProgramming/*
    tokens 350

Warning: Repetition

To avoid infinite loops, the

generators may end abruptly. Because they generate blocks of text at a time, and a block would only end when a specific token (such as a paragraph break) occurs, the generators are programmed to end the chunk immediately if they find themselves generating a token from the same state repeatedly (with the threshold set at the number of occurences of that state in the training corpus). This can cause issues with small training sets or, if the training set has many rare words, with a high chance of choosing a random token.

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