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A Modernizr extension to detect device, device model, screen size, operating system, and browser details

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Detectizr is a Modernizr extension to detect * device * device model * device orientation * screen size * operating system * operating system version * operating system version full * browser * browser version * browser engine * browser plugins

Detection of these sets are optional and can be disabled.

Detectable device types are: tv (includes smart tv and game console), mobile, tablet, and desktop. Device models of tv, mobile and tablet are being detected.

Code quality of Detectizr is validated via JSLint & JSHint.

Sample Usage

This is a library that uses your trusty little Modernizr to give you the possibility of specifying required features for a certain stylesheet. Using it is a simple matter, illustrated in the following excerpt:

<script src="modernizr.js"></script>
<script src="detectizr.js"></script>


Just remember to include Modernizr before Detectizr, and you're good to go!

Licensed under MIT license.

Note for Modernizr 3.x

You will need to have a build of Modernizr with the addTest (Modernizr.addTest()) option. If done from the website, you can find it

Other interesting projects

  • Modernizr is required for Detectizer. Remember to put Modernizr before Detectizr.
  • Categorizr is a server side device and OS detection script wirtten in PHP. Detectizr inspired by its device detection.
  • CSS Browser Selector is a client side browser detection script. Detectizr inspired by its browser detection.

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