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Automatically generates from template and imports it into Xcode project.

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Kuri is a tool that automatically generates necessary code and imports it into Xcode project.

Usage tutorial.

I gave youtube a video explaining how to use Kuri so please refer also here.

Why Kuri?

I was use Clean Architecture for my product. Clean Architecture is a very wonderful way of thinking. But very very written some boiler plate code and many many file create and import xcode. This is so hard.

So, I thought about making a tool to automatically generate code from some templates.

But Kuri is not only use Clean Architecture. You can use VIPER, MVVM... and your own architecture.


I believe that the following concepts are necessary in iOS CleanArchitecture. Kuri will arrange the mechanism for it. - Entity - Value object. - DataStore - Data store for Entity. - Repository - Operation Datastore interface. - UseCase - Application operation. translate and CRUD operation to repository. - Translator - Translate Entity to Model or Model to Entity. - Model - Converted Entity for UI. - Presenter - Event handle for View. - View - Drawing UI. - Wireframe - Control transition of View. - Builder - Make a View with Dependency Injection.


When using "Kuri" Two preparations are necessary. - Kuri.yml file. - KuriTemplate directory.

But using setup command will prepare these two.


In project file root directory. You can type

kuri setup
and press enter in CLI tool. The "Kuri.yml" and "KuriTemplate" directories are created under the current directory.


The form of the generate command basically looks like this

kuri generate "MyName"
. After Executing generate command, you can comfirm to want to append files and directories for MyNameEntity, MyNameRepository, MyNameView and so on into Xcode project.

e.g Execute on terminal where project root directory.

$ kuri generate Kuri

Instructions with options here.

Supported file

  • .swift
  • .storyboard
  • .xib


Kuri.yml and KuriTemplate can be customized respectively.

and you can check KuriDemo's templates.


Mint (Recommended)

Mint is a package manager for created by swift package manager executable libraries. `$ mint install bannzai/kuri


  1. Download Kuri from latest release version
  2. Copy kuri and paste it where you can execute from the CLI. (e.g.
    . Every directory is okay if the path passed.)

You can now run the kuri command.

How to debug

If you want to debug for Kuri. You should see here.


Kuri is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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