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Image resizing in pure Go and SIMD

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Package rez provides image resizing in pure Go and SIMD.


go get

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Package rez provides image resizing in pure Go and SIMD.


- YCbCr, RGBA, NRGBA & Gray resizes
- YCbCr Chroma subsample ratio conversions
- Optional interlaced-aware resizes
- Parallel resizes
- SIMD optimisations on AMD64

The easiest way to use it is:

err := Convert(output, input, NewBicubicFilter())

However, if you plan to convert video, where resize parameters are the same for multiple images, the best way is:

cfg, err := PrepareConversion(output, input)
converter, err := NewConverter(cfg, NewBicubicFilter())
for i := 0; i < N; i++ {
    err := converter.Convert(output[i], input[i])

Note that by default, images are resized in parallel with GOMAXPROCS slices. Best performance is obtained when GOMAXPROCS is at least equal to your CPU count.

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