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A class for creating WordPress taxonomies custom fields

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Tax Meta Class

Contributors: bainternet Requires at least: 3.5 Tested up to: 4.0 Analytics


The Tax Meta Class is used by including it in your plugin r theme files and using its methods to Add meta fields for WordPress Taxonomies (categories,tags and custom taxonomies). It is meant to be very simple and straightforward.

This class is derived from My-Meta-Box ( script) which is a class for creating custom meta boxes for WordPress.


Take a look at the

file which can also be tested as a WordPress Plugin. Other options are available for each field which can be see in the 'Tax-meta-class.php' file,


2.1.0 Added support for WordPress 4.4 native term meta table added migration class

2.0.2 Fixed jquery ui not loading theme and better jquery ui to WP version handling. Added a filter hook to change jQuery ui theme

. Better preBind jQuery plgin included.

2.0.1 Fixed #93.

2.0.0 Too many changes to list :) major ones are around the image and file fields which no use

instead of
and allow multiple images/files that are stored in two fields of urls and ids split by a pipe

1.9.9 Fix references for the class for PHP 5.4 compatibility

1.9.8 fixed issue #49

1.9.7 see issue #44

1.9.6 Added WYSIWYG in repater support and most other fields which never worked in the repeate block, now should work. issue #42

1.9.5 Fixed Typo in validation call Props @Screenfeed.

1.9.4 Added textdomain for l18n #39

1.9.3 Fixed issue #38 props to Nicola Peluchetti for finding it and giving my an idea of how to fix it.

1.9.2 Pull #36

1.9.1 Fixed Upload field issues.

1.9.0 Added 'multiple' => false to all field types as defualt.

= 1.8.9 = fixed issue #27 (again). fixed issues #28, #29 , #30.

= 1.8.8 = fixed issue #27.

= 1.8.7 = fixed issue #26.

= 1.8.6 = fixed issue #25.

= 1.8.5 = fixed issue #21.

= 1.8.4 = Renamed deletetaxonomymetadata function to delete term meta on term deletion. pull #20.

= 1.8.3 = Cleaned up Media uploader to simplify things. (parisholley)[] Change the replacement of "INSERT TO POST" and is now done on client side.

= 1.8.2 = Replaced getstylesheetdirectoryuri with gettemplatedirectoryuri to work better with child themes. Once again thanks to oobi. issue 17

= 1.8.1 = added mete deletion on term deletion thanks to oobi

= 1.8 = fixed issue 12 fixed issue 13 fixed issue 14 fixed issue 15 changed "insert into post" on media uploader.

= 1.7.4 = Fixed bug caused by issue 2 fix.

= 1.7.3 = Fixed issue #2.

= 1.7.2 = Fixed issue #11.

= 1.7.1 = Fixed typo.

= 1.7 = Added strip slashes and gettaxmeta_strip function to avoid WordPress's native escape slashes.

= 1.6 = Fixed file field issues.

= 1.5 = Fixed repeater delete meta bug

= 1.4 = updated addPosts in demo and add_thickbox

= 1.3 = Fixed WP debug errors

= 1.2= Fixed debug Errors

= 1.0 = * First Release

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