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Easily and securely extend your network into the cloud with a WirtBot

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A real VPN for the modern digitalist

Welcome to the WirtBot repository.

What is this for?

Think of it as your LAN extended over the whole internet, but only accessible to your devices.

  • Do you want replace your [GoogleDrive, AppleCloud etc.] with Nextcloud?
  • Want to safely resolve DNS?
  • Developing an App/Website on your machine and want to show it off live on your phone via the internet?
  • Have loads of IOT devices that you want to be able to communicate safely with each other?

A WirtBot got you covered.

Setup WirtBot with Docker

Check out this page

How is the WirtBot built?

WirtBot is a system/robot that is designed after the UNIX philosophy. Many small parts that do a job and do it well. Putting special importance into correct configuration. Everything is controlled via a UI that focusses on ease of use. To round things off the whole WirtBot is running inside of one container, making setup easy and straightforward.

Ready to get started?

Read the setup documentation at and get your own cloud network with 1 command on the terminal and a few clicks in your browser!


  • Based on WireGuard for security and speed
  • Find all your devices by their name! DNS is included
  • Every configuration in the network is kept up to date on changes
  • Export and Import feature to keep track of multiple networks and generate Backups
  • Absolutely no tracking + everything is uniquely tied to your browser!
  • Configuration over code. Leverage existing tooling and provide a clean interface for configuring it correctly


WirtBot System Tests WirtBot Unit Tests

Build multi arch docker images WirtBot Website Docker Cloud Build Status

You want to help out making WirtBot better? AWESOME!

Please feel free to open up an issue here in Github to discuss what you would want to do, and what kind of help I can give you.

Next check out

If you want to learn about the inner workings of the system check out the developer documentation.

I also encourage you to ask questions! My goal is to document as many of those questions as I can, to allow more people to understand what is going on in the code.

For an overview of things that need help check the issues.


The WirtBot and Interface are licensed with

GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

The documentation and WirtBot logo are provided under

Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)


Would you like to contribute a bit to the server costs? ~10$ a month.

You can easily do so to the Ethereum address:


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