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YouTube Like Count Predictions using Machine Learning

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YouTube Like Count Predictor

This a tool for getting youtube video like count prediction.A Random Forest model was used for training on a large dataset of ~3,50,000 videos.Feature engineering,Data cleaning, Data selection and many other techniques were used for this task.


contains a detailed explanation of different steps and techniques that were used for this task.

Tools Used

How to run :

  1. Clone this repo

      $ git clone https://github.com/ayush1997/YouTube-Like-predictor.git
      $ cd PS17_Ayush_Singh
  2. Create new virtual environment

      $ sudo pip install virtualenv
      $ virtualenv venv
      $ source venv/bin/activate
      $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Predictions

    There are two ways for getting the prediction results.

    3.1. Training the model and run prediction

    $ cd model
    $ python train_model.py

    This will save a

    file in the same folder,Training takes ~18 Mins.Then run
    $ python predict.py 

    for ex:

    $ python predict.py dOyJqGtP-wU ASO_zypdnsQ wEduiMyl0ko

    3.2 From pretrained model

    A pretrained model has been uploaded on dropbox.Download model(~500MB) from the link.

    Unzip the

    file in the
    $ cd model
    $ python predict.py 
    for ex:
    $ python predict.py vid1 vid2 vid3]

Note: List can contain a maximum of 40 Video IDs at the time of run.

Code Details

Below is a brief description for the Code files/folder in repo.


This folder contains scripts which were used to fetch data using Youtube API and populatin the base.

$ cd data


The script uses Youtube Search API for extracting Video IDs for the last 7 years(2010-2016).It gives Approx. 22,000-24,000 Video IDs for every category and stores them in a Pickle files for different categories.

$ python predict.py 


The script use the Video IDs saved by

and further extract different video related attributes using Youtube API and saves the data Dictionary in pickle format.
$ python scrape_video.py


The script is used to further collect data for all channels present in the video dataset.It makes use of the data stored for videos to extract channelIds.

$ python scrape_channel.py


The script is used to scrape social links

$ python scrape_social.py

Note : Due to large amount of data to be extracted for different attributes,the extraction was done at different levels therefore it was not viable to make a single script for data collection which could make debugging a little messy.


This folder contains ipython notebooks which contain implementation for merging different data extracted and tasks like Data cleaning and processing.

$ jupyter notebook


The notebook has the implementation for making new derived features.


This notebook contains data processing implementation for data cleaning and encoding processes.

Note : The final data generated after all processing has been uploaded in

has the data which is used for training the model.


This folders contains scripts used for training,tuning model and getting the prediction results.


This script generates the tuned parameters for estimator using Grid Search and Cross Validation.

$ python model_grid.py


This script is used for training the model over training data (

) Because of Bootstrap Sampling in random forest the results migght vary after every trainig process.
$ python train_model.py


This script returns the Like count prediction along with the difference and the Error rate

$ cd model
$ python predict.py 
for ex:
$ python predict.py [vid1,vid2,vid3]


A very common issue comes with the pickling process which sometime leads to loss of information and different results every time.


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