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Tools and utilities to enable loading data and building graph applications with Amazon Neptune.

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Amazon Neptune Tools

Utilities to enable loading data and building graph applications with Amazon Neptune.


You may also be interested in the Neptune Samples github repository, which includes samples and example code.

GraphML 2 CSV

This is a utility to convert graphml files into the Neptune CSV format.

Neptune Export

Exports Amazon Neptune data to CSV for Property Graph or Turtle for RDF graphs.

You can use neptune-export to export an Amazon Neptune database to the bulk load CSV format used by the Amazon Neptune bulk loader for Property Graph or Turtle for RDF graphs. Alternatively, you can supply your own queries to neptune-export and unload the results to CSV or Turtle.

Export Neptune to Elasticsearch

Backfills Elasticsearch with data from an existing Amazon Neptune database.

The Neptune Full-text Search CloudFormation templates provide a mechanism for indexing all new data that is added to an Amazon Neptune database in Elasticsearch. However, there are situations in which you may want to index existing data in a Neptune database prior to enabling the full-text search integration.

You can use this export Neptune to Elasticsearch solution to index existing data in an Amazon Neptune database in Elasticsearch.

Neo4j to Neptune

A command-line utility for migrating data to Neptune from Neo4j.

Glue Neptune

glue-neptune is a Python library for AWS Glue that helps writing data to Amazon Neptune from Glue jobs. With glue-neptune you can: * Get Neptune connection information from the Glue Data Catalog * Create label and node and edge ID columns in DynamicFrames, named in accordance with the Neptune CSV bulk load format for property graphs * Write from DynamicFrames directly to Neptune

Neptune CSV to RDF

If you're interested in converting Neptune's CSV format to RDF, see amazon-neptune-csv-to-rdf-converter.

Neptune CSV to Gremlin

csv-gremlin is a tool that can turn Amazon Neptune format CSV files into Gremlin steps allowing them to be loaded into different Apache TinkerPop compliant stores (including Amazon Neptune) using Gremlin queries. The tool also tries to validate that the CSV files do not contain errors and can be use to inspect CSV files prior to starting a bulk load.

CSV to Neptune Bulk Format CSV

csv-to-neptune-bulk-format is a utility to identify nodes and edges in the source CSV data file(s) and generate the Amazon Neptune gremlin load data format files. A configuration file (JSON) defines the source and target files, nodes/edges definition, and selection logic. The script interprets one or more configuration files and generates Amazon Neptune gremlin load data format files. The generated files can be loaded into the Neptune database.


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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